How Much Do Nurse Techs Make?

December 25, 2023

With the coronavirus crisis continuing and hospitals at full capacity, it’s no surprise that nurses are in high demand. But, it’s not just doctors and registered nurses who keep a medical establishment running smoothly – there are other essential support staff that help ensure patients receive the care they need. These are the people you’re most likely to meet during a visit to the hospital or doctor’s office: nurse technicians, also known as nurse’s aides or nursing assistants.

These compassionate caretakers are responsible for assisting patients in daily activities, from feeding to bathing. They are the medical personnel most visible to patients and their families and provide much-needed support, especially during times of emergency or when a patient is ill. They work with a team of doctors and nurses to help make sure patients get the care they need, but they are often the main point of contact for many patients.

Often, student nurse techs are on the verge of becoming nurses themselves and use their experience to prepare for nursing school. Others may choose this career path simply because it allows them to gain healthcare industry experience and provides a steady income while they continue their education.

Generally, nurse technicians are paid hourly. In addition to their base salary, they are sometimes eligible for overtime pay. The amount they make depends on their employer, the type of position and their level of expertise. It’s important to understand that nurse technician salaries are negotiable and that a good negotiation strategy can result in a higher wage.


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