How Much Do Muffins Cost at Costco?

March 12, 2024

When it comes to Costco, the bakery is one of its most popular sections. It's home to rotisserie chickens, comically large wine glasses, and of course, huge muffins. Whether stuffed with giant chocolate chips and nuts, hunks of fruit, or cozy fall flavors like Pumpkin Streusel, these breakfast treats are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. But how much do those delicious morsels actually cost?

To find out, we turned to Blue Sky Bakery owner Erik Goetze for insight. He explains that he prices his products to reflect the time it takes him to make each item and the costs of ingredients and packaging. Depending on how many items he makes, these costs can vary.

In addition to figuring out the cost of ingredients and labor, bakeries must also take into account the amount of space and equipment they need to operate efficiently. This can influence the amount of product that can be produced and how long it takes to do so.

Considering the time it takes to bake and package each batch, as well as the amount of materials needed for each order, it's no wonder that these delicious treats aren't cheap!

But if you decide to make your own muffins at home, you can control how many you want to bake and which ingredients are used. A homemade mix that yields 12 extra large muffins costs only 92 cents per muffin! And that's without accounting for the cost of any wet ingredients, such as milk, eggs, oil, or yogurt.


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