How Much Do Morgue Workers Make An Hour?

February 6, 2024

Most people have seen morgues in movies or on TV and know they are not exactly warm and fuzzy places. However, what many don’t know is that there are actually jobs in morgues that allow people to work with the dead in a professional and respectful way. Morgue workers perform duties that prepare the bodies for burial or cremation. These roles require a balance of technical skills and commitment. The pay for these jobs varies but is higher than the median salary for all occupations.

How Much Do Morgue Workers Make An Hour?

Located within a hospital or medical center, a morgue is where the bodies of the recently deceased are stored until they are either identified, an autopsy is performed or they are transported for disposition. A morgue is typically comprised of refrigerated drawer-like compartments that are large enough to hold an adult. These spaces are also found at funeral homes and retirement care facilities.

A mortuary assistant is responsible for transporting cadavers to and from the morgue, preparing them for examination by a pathologist, picking tissue specimens, cleaning instruments and ensuring all cadavers are properly tagged. They can also assist a coroner at the scene of a crime. This role requires the ability to follow strict sanitation procedures and be comfortable working with corpses in a variety of conditions.

A coroner works to determine the cause of death by conducting an autopsy on the body. This process involves removing organs and parts, studying them under a microscope and comparing the findings with medical records to find clues as to the cause of death. This is often a very stressful job that can lead to burnout.


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