How Much Do Mobile Mechanics Make?

March 16, 2024

A mobile mechanic can save you the hassle of taking your car or truck to a repair shop or dealership specializing in a particular vehicle manufacturer. However, this convenience comes at a cost. Mobile mechanics typically charge higher hourly rates than traditional auto repair shops. These higher rates are partially to cover the additional costs of transporting your car or truck to and from the customer location, as well as the extra time it takes to travel between jobs.

Mobile mechanics also have to invest in a variety of tools and supplies to ensure they have the right equipment for each job. This can include a heavy-duty jack that can handle multiple vehicle types, as well as specialized tools for brake repairs (like a brake pedal depressor). Some mobile mechanics use a makeshift shelter attached to their truck or van to protect themselves from weather while working on cars outside, while others simply bring a gazebo that can be set up at the customer’s location.

Additionally, mobile mechanics must invest in insurance that covers damage to the customer’s property caused while working on a vehicle. While this type of damage is rare, it’s important to mitigate the risk with comprehensive business insurance that can pay for repair or replacement costs.

If you’re interested in becoming a mobile mechanic, you can find local and national job opportunities by searching the latest positions on ZipRecruiter. We’ve also highlighted 10 cities where mobile mechanic salaries are above the national average.


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