How Much Do Mobile Mechanics Charge?

December 30, 2023

The convenience of mobile mechanics is a great way to save time on car repairs. They can help you avoid the hassle of scheduling an appointment with a garage, having to get your car towed, and waiting hours for a diagnostic test. They can also come to your house or workplace, which makes them a convenient option for busy people. However, many people worry about how much these mechanics charge. This article will discuss how much mobile mechanics charge and what factors can affect their pricing.

Generally, mobile mechanics’ labor costs are higher than those of regular garages. This is because they typically work on a per-visit or per-hour basis. The exact cost varies from mechanic to mechanic, but it’s usually between $75 and $160 per hour. This can be a big difference for someone who needs an emergency repair, like a dead battery or flat tire.

Another important factor in the cost of a mobile mechanic is their vehicle and tool expenses. These can include hand and power tools, specialized tools like sockets and pliers, and other equipment and accessories, like service carts, toolboxes, and vehicle lifts. These costs can add up quickly, especially for mechanics who travel a lot to different locations.

Additionally, mobile mechanics must pay for insurance to cover their liabilities while working on cars. This includes both general liability insurance as well as car and tool coverage for their services vehicles. By keeping an eye on their expenses, utilizing tips to save money on mobile auto repairs, and strategizing their job locations, mobile mechanics can cut down these overhead costs.


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