How Much Do Medical Assistants Make in Utah?

October 20, 2023

As Utah continues to experience one of the fastest growth rates in the country, there is a growing need for healthcare professionals. This includes medical assistants, whose roles provide valuable support to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in the Beehive State. As such, it is important for those interested in a career as a medical assistant to have an understanding of the salary range they can expect to earn in Utah. This article will discuss the median salary for a medical assistant in Utah and highlight some of the key factors that influence this salary, including years of experience, education, certifications, and more.

Medical Assistants in Utah Make an Average of $37,120 Per Year

The median salary for a medical assistant in Utah is around $35,800 per year. However, this varies depending on a variety of factors, such as years of experience, location, and the type of healthcare facility. For example, medical assistants who work in larger metropolitan areas tend to earn higher salaries than those who work in smaller towns. Additionally, those with specialized skills or certifications often earn more than those who do not.

Those interested in becoming a medical assistant in Utah should attend an accredited training program that offers hands-on experience working with actual patients. This will help them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this rewarding career. Medical assistants are responsible for a wide variety of duties, such as taking patient histories, scheduling appointments, and preparing patients for exams. They also handle administrative tasks, such as billing and maintaining patient records.


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