How Much Do McDonald's Managers Make an Hour?

October 25, 2023

McDonald’s managers may be paid more than entry-level workers, according to a survey from jobs website Glassdoor. But it’s hard to say how much they make because wages vary widely by location and job title. Managers at some restaurants may earn more than others, depending on how well the restaurant is performing and how long the franchise has been in business.

The average salary for a McDonald’s manager in New York is $101,884 per year. This includes a base salary and bonus. New York is the highest paying state for McDonald’s managers.

A friend of mine manages a 24/7 McDonald's. Her store does double the volume of a typical McDonald's and between her salary, bonuses, and commission she makes over $100,000. She also has a great retirement plan, paid insurance and uniforms. She has a strong network and referred 3 general managers in the past three years.

McDonald's restaurants hire people from all walks of life. Some are students seeking a part-time gig that fits around classes. Others are working parents who want a kid-friendly schedule. And some are night owls looking for a flexible shift. But they all have one thing in common: They want to get paid fairly. That's why a recent announcement by McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook is so significant. The company said it will raise wages across its 45 locations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and northeastern Ohio. It says the most junior staff will receive $13 an hour, and managers will move up to $20 an hour.


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