How Much Do Marine Biologists Make in Hawaii?

March 16, 2024

Marine biologists have a reputation for being adventurous world travelers with a love of nautical activities. There is some truth to this, as a career in marine biology can involve travelling extensively for fieldwork. However, many work mainly from an office or lab in government organisations or educational institutions. This type of work is more structured than working on the sea and may involve mapping, administrative and managerial skills. In some cases, a marine biologist might also need to write up their findings for publication or apply for funding.

Marine biology is a broad field of science which encompasses the study of all organisms living in saltwater, as well as the environment they are in and how that influences them. Specialisms can include ecology, conservation, animal behaviour and marine genetics. The work is incredibly diverse, and there is something for everyone to find interest in.

There are a number of routes into the profession, starting with an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as biology, zoology or environmental science. Some universities specialise in subjects like Marine Biology and will offer more opportunities to get involved in fieldwork or attend Marine Biological conferences, which is good practice as it will help you to meet other researchers and understand different pathways that can be taken after university.

After a bachelor’s degree, some marine biologists might decide to stay in education or gain some further work experience, while others will pursue a master’s and then go on to complete a PhD. A PhD is necessary for a number of senior-level positions in which you might lead projects or carry out your own research.


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