How Much Do Marching Band Uniforms Cost?

March 19, 2024

The Viera High School Instrumental Music Parent Organization will host a golf tournament to help raise money to purchase new marching band uniforms for the students. The students have been using the same uniforms since 2008, and their current ones are worn out. The students need 230 uniforms total, and the cost of each is $500.

While some schools opt to have their uniforms made by local tailors, a professional designer can provide the best options and functionality for the program. Modern, streamlined designs take the shape of the student into consideration for a polished and unified look. In addition to reducing the bulk and size of traditional uniforms, this allows for easier movement on the field.

Uniform designers also consider the performance context, such as outdoor venues and competitions versus indoor concerts or parades. The design should also be cohesive with the overall theme and concept of the show. This helps to immerse the audience in the show and create an unforgettable experience.

One of the biggest hidden costs in buying new uniforms is the maintenance and storage of the pieces. Uniforms must be cleaned, hung properly and stored appropriately to prevent damage and loss. Students will be charged a fee if their uniforms are lost or damaged.

The traditional fabric-on-fabric constructed uniforms can take up to 40 weeks to produce. This means that the programs must plan ahead and have a budget in place to cover the initial capital cost of the uniforms, as well as the annual maintenance and repair costs. McCormick’s offers a modern alternative with 8-week production times that can save your program significant expenses in the long run.


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