How Much Do Mall Security Guards Make?

November 10, 2023

Mall security guards are highly trained professionals responsible for protecting retail property and shoppers who visit the facility. This job requires a variety of skills and responsibilities, which vary depending on the client, local laws, and the organization you work for. Armed security officers, for example, must undergo additional training and pass a firearms certification.

A good security company will offer a wide range of physical and mental fitness assessments to ensure that their staff is prepared for their roles. These can include a criminal record check, psychological test, drug tests and background investigation. They will also be required to have appropriate personal insurance and any licenses that your state may require.

Choosing the right security service is crucial for your business. While some people have a negative image of security guards as lazy mall cops, the truth is that security services can save you money while providing your business with physically and mentally fit personnel who are ready to respond quickly to any situation.

As a mall security guard, you can expect to be on the move throughout your shift. This type of job requires you to patrol high-traffic areas, and your duties may include detecting suspicious activity, escorting people to safety, responding to calls for help, removing or restraining those who pose a threat to public safety and more. You will need to be able to remain calm and focused in stressful situations. Some guards choose to wear uniforms to deter crime, but you can also work undercover if necessary.


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