How Much Do Male Strippers Make?

November 7, 2023

If you’ve been considering a career as a male stripper, then chances are you’re curious about how much do male strippers make. The answer to this question is not quite as straightforward as one might expect, because it depends on a number of factors.

In general, a male stripper will earn about $20 per hour in a club setting. This includes performance time as well as off-stage time. In addition, he will be required to pay house fees and other expenses related to his performance wardrobe. He may also need to hire a driver to take him to venues where he is booked for shows.

For private performances, male strippers typically charge $50 or more per lap dance. The amount of money a male stripper makes from lap dances will depend on his ability to woo the audience and his stage performance skills. It will also depend on where he performs, the type of crowd and whether the show is a fetish-oriented or family-friendly affair.

A good physique is key for a male stripper to have success. Most promoters and clients prefer bodybuilder or athlete physiques in their performers. In addition, a male stripper will need to have excellent dance moves and a distinct look that matches his persona. Some men choose to adopt a “bad-boy” look, while others choose to have a more clean appearance.

The amount a male stripper will make on a weekend will depend on how many private shows or strip-o-grams he is booked for. If he can get 6 or more shows, then he will easily make $1000+. It will also help if he is located in a major city with a large party scene.


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