How Much Do Mailmen Make in California?

March 19, 2024

A career in the US Postal Service isn’t exactly glamorous, but it offers a good salary and some solid benefits. Unlike many other jobs, a mail carrier doesn’t require college and comes with no student loan debt. For Jordan Myers, who works 13 hours a day and walks around 14 miles a day on his route, the job is more than worth it.

Generally, mail carriers work inside postal offices and mail sorting facilities and on residential and commercial streets hand-delivering letters and packages to homes and businesses. Those on city routes use a vehicle that’s provided by the Postal Service, while rural carriers must provide their own personal vehicles and receive mileage reimbursement in addition to their regular wages.

The average annual wage for a mail carrier is $52,180. However, the mean pay in California is slightly higher at $55,390, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Mail carriers don’t need a four-year degree to qualify for the job, but they must pass a civil service examination that covers basic tasks like checking addresses, filling out forms and recognizing common postage stamps. Those who pass can be hired within weeks and begin training at their local post office.

In addition to their base salaries, mail carriers can earn additional money through overtime and bonuses. They also get great benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance at a very low federal group rate. And, for those who live in California — and many other parts of the country — the salary can be enough to live comfortably.


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