How Much Do Lube Techs Make?

December 9, 2023

Lube techs are entry-level service professionals whose job duties include oil changes and routine maintenance. They are usually employed by large chains known for quick car oil change services, but can also work at local auto shops or even full-service car dealerships. This career is a good choice for people with previous hands-on auto experience who are interested in the mechanics of automobiles and who want to learn basic repair and maintenance skills.

In addition to performing lubrication tasks, the lube tech must also conduct an inspection process prior to lubrication. This requires them to walk around the vehicle and physically inspect its condition. Lube technicians may have to carry tools or equipment as they travel from one location to another and must use their physical strength. This job can also involve moderately risky work.

While it is important that lube techs follow procedures, guidelines cannot be created for every conceivable situation. Effective lube technicians understand this and are able to adapt these procedures in a manner that will produce the best results. They also recognize when a problem is serious and have the self-confidence, motivation and communication skills to seek out a manager or other experienced personnel for assistance.

Lube technician salaries vary by state and region. The highest paying states are Washington, New Jersey and Colorado. The lowest average lube tech salary is in Mississippi and Hawaii.


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