How Much Do LPNs Make in Indiana?

October 15, 2023

LPNs are licensed healthcare professionals who provide basic patient care under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses (RNs). They help patients with daily activities such as bathing and eating, administer medications and monitor patients’ health. LPNs also have the responsibility to communicate with a patient’s family and physicians, so strong communication skills are key in this role. In addition, an LPN must have attention to detail and understand medical terminology in order to perform their job well.

In the state of Indiana, LPNs work in a variety of healthcare settings including nursing homes and home healthcare agencies. However, the majority of LPNs work in long-term care facilities such as nursing and hospice care homes. This is because these are the facilities where patients require the most day-to-day assistance.

The average annual salary for an LPN in the state of Indiana is $51,850. However, you can increase your earning potential by advancing your education. Many nurses start out as an LPN and then pursue a higher degree such as an associate’s or bachelor’s in nursing.

Becoming a nurse is a rewarding career choice that can make you feel good about yourself and help people in need. However, before you can start your nursing journey, it is essential that you find the best training program for you. The following schools on our list are all approved by the Indiana Board of Nursing and offer top-notch NCLEX pass rates, which is crucial when choosing a nursing program.


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