How Much Do Lizards Sleep?

January 2, 2024

As cold-blooded creatures, lizards are active during the day and quiet or sleeping at night. Most lizards hide to avoid predators while they rest, but some prefer more exposed spots such as rocks and foliage. Houses are also popular lizard sleep places, as they often provide warmth and security during the dark hours.

How Much Do Lizards Sleep?

The amount of sleep a lizard gets depends on its environment and health, but a healthy lizard usually needs about two to six hours of sleep each night. If a lizard doesn't get enough rest, it will be more active during the day and more vulnerable to predators.

It's important to note that lizards don't enter REM (dream) sleep during this time, and they haven't been shown to dream like mammals. It's only in REM sleep that we see the brain activity that suggests some reptiles dream, but scientists aren't sure why this happens or what role it plays in the animals' lives.

If you have a lizard in your room at night, don't worry - it is not trying to take over your home or body. Generally, these reptiles are there because they have insects or other prey to hunt and eat, or because they got into your house through an open door or window. They are far more afraid of you than they are of crawling into your ear or nose holes, and they won't scurry under your bed or other hiding places in search of humans to bite.


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