How Much Do Landscape Architects Make Per Hour?

November 17, 2023

Landscape architects design parks and other outdoor spaces for businesses, homes and recreational facilities. Their job description includes meeting with clients, preparing site plans and coordinating the team that arranges the land features and structures. They also analyze environmental reports, select materials and give presentations.

The salary for a landscape architect depends on the area they work in and their level of experience. They also have to factor in the cost of living in their area. However, most landscape architects earn salaries that are above the national average.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest paid landscape architects are those who work for state governments. These professionals earn an average of $90,940 per year. Other states with high wages include California and Virginia. States with the lowest average wage for this profession are Louisiana, Oklahoma and West Virginia.

How much do landscape architects make per hour?

The hourly rate for a landscape architect can range from $60 for an entry-level draftsperson to $275 for a licensed professional. Some landscape architects charge a flat fee for the entire project while others may charge based on the time it takes to complete each aspect of a design plan. Many pros offer a not-to-exceed fee structure in their contracts to help homeowners feel more comfortable with the expense.

A landscaping architect with an advanced degree will often earn more than one with a bachelor's or master's degree. They can also earn more by working in a specific industry or region, such as a specialty field, and by having management experience.


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