How Much Do ISR Instructors Make?

November 4, 2023

Considering the recent story of little Hadley that went viral on the TODAY show, TODAY Show Parenting Team and many other news outlets you might be wondering, “How much do isr instructors make?” We’re here to answer!

The ISR Self-Rescue technique is taught by certified ISR Instructors who are independent business owners. They are part of a global network of professionals working to see that Not One More Child Drowns.

Unlike traditional swimming lessons where kids learn how to swim, ISR instructors focus on teaching children water survival skills. During ISR lessons, your child gets the undivided attention of a highly trained ISR Instructor. Lessons last only 10 minutes and require a high level of concentration from our students. This is why the ISR lessons are so effective and have such a high retention rate.

ISR is dedicated to safety and maintains numerous safety protocols for each lesson. Instructors are also screened through rigorous interviews, training and education to ensure that they are qualified to teach the ISR method. ISR Instructors must maintain yearly re-certification training to ensure that they are continuously enhancing their skills and knowledge of aquatic safety for infants and toddlers.

Before your child begins ISR lessons with Kacey you will receive a BUDS form (bowel, urine, diet and sleep). This helps her to identify any potential issues that could impact your child’s learning. Lessons will be scheduled around your child’s unique physiology.


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