How Much Do Hosts Make at Olive Garden?

November 20, 2023

A host at Olive Garden typically makes a base wage of around minimum wage, plus tips that can add a few extra dollars per hour. This is a good entry-level restaurant position for those who are new to the service industry, and it's possible to work up into more prestigious positions at the company with hard work and dedication.

Hosts are responsible for greeting customers and seating them, ensuring that menus are up to date, and making sure that guests have everything they need, including high chairs or booster seats. They also keep the front of the restaurant clean and answer the phone when it rings. It's a fast-paced job that requires a cool head and excellent customer service skills.

Another front-of-house role at Olive Garden is the To-Go specialist, who takes orders over the phone or in person and packs up food to go for the customers. This position requires a tidy mind and excellent organizational skills, as well as great customer service.

Servers are a crucial part of any restaurant's staff, and it's no secret that Olive Garden is known for its unlimited breadsticks. As a result, servers can make some pretty impressive tips. According to an article by Cosmopolitan, the average server at Olive Garden earns $15 per hour plus tips.

While the majority of positions at Olive Garden are hourly, managers are salaried. They can expect to make $53,527 a year, plus a bonus depending on the performance of their store. If you're interested in becoming a manager, you can find up-to-date job listings on the Olive Garden website and on sites like GlassDoor, SnagAJob, and Indeed.


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