How Much Do Horse Breeders Make?

December 21, 2023

Horse Breeders make a salary that can vary greatly depending on the specific breed they work with and how well their horses perform in competitive events. In general, people who compete their horses make more money than those who do not. However, the costs of owning a horse can quickly add up. Feed, veterinary care, barn and stable maintenance, vehicle upkeep, insurance, employee salaries and other expenses can all add up to make breeding horses less profitable than one might think.

A successful racehorse can bring in tens of millions of dollars. Breeding a winning thoroughbred requires a lot of luck, as well as good breeding stock and great mares. But even a racehorse’s earnings can be wiped out by an injury, and only a minute percentage of racehorses ever win enough to cover the cost of keeping them alive.

Commercial breeders, like the Coolmore partners, own broodmares, breed them to stallions and race the offspring. In general, they make more money than racehorse owners, but their profits are still a gamble on the chance that their progeny will be winners.

Many horse breeders specialize in particular disciplines, such as dressage. They spend a lot of time raising their horses to be able to compete at the highest levels. They take the horses to judged breed shows, where they hope to win medals or championships. They also participate in competitions such as the Olympics. A successful breeder needs to be a dedicated and knowledgeable person who understands the specific breed they work with inside and out, as well as the history of the sport.


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