How Much Do Hellcats Weigh?

October 27, 2023

The Hellcat is the most powerful modern muscle car you can buy, and its 707-horsepower engine produces enough torque to propel it from a dead stop in under three seconds. But if you’re a driver looking to make that berserk example of American power perform at its best, there’s a lot you need to think about, starting with the vehicle’s weight.

As it turns out, the Hellcat is one of the heavier cars on the road, but it’s also one of the fastest. A 0-60 run takes only 3.7 seconds and the Hellcat can hit a quarter-mile in 11.7 seconds. That’s quicker than most of its direct competition still on sale today, and it’s almost as quick as the Bugatti Veyron.

The standard Challenger Hellcat weighs 4,415 lbs and is slightly lighter than the Charger Hellcat at 4,586 lbs. But if you’re thinking about getting a Hellcat Redeye or the upcoming Hellcat Widebody, you should know those versions have a little more in common with the Dodge Durango Hellcat, which tips the scales at 5,710 lbs.

Our good friends at Throttle House recently took a pair of Hellcats to the track and put them head-to-head in drag races. The result was a clear win for the Hellcat, which has the best power-to-weight ratio of any 5-seater stock car not named a Ferrari or Lamborghini. As for the cornering, it’s a different story, but even with that massive amount of power, the Hellcat isn’t an especially heavy car to drive. To help explain how, the folks at Motor Trend enlisted the help of professional racing instructor Mike Mirenda. Using a half-filled water bottle, Mirenda demonstrated how accelerating lifts the front end and shifts weight to the rear, while braking shifts it back to the front. He also explained that you need to use the apex, or most consistent line, when entering a turn.


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