How Much Do Hawks Cost?

October 12, 2023

Hawks are a beautiful and majestic bird of prey. They can be seen all over the world hunting for mice, rats, possums and other vermin. They can also be trained to hunt game for people or as a live demonstration at falconry shows. Trained hawks are also used by security companies to scare off birds and other animals that might damage property.

If you are considering owning a trained hawk, it is important to understand the initial purchase price and ongoing costs associated with this endeavor. In addition to the cost of the hawk itself, you will need to spend money on a hawk house and other equipment. You will also have to pay annual State falconry and hunting license fees. Finally, you will need to pay for food, veterinary care and other necessary supplies for your hawk.

The primary factor that contributes to the cost of a trained hawk is the amount of training that it has received. In general, hawks that have undergone extensive training are more expensive than those with less extensive training. The breed of the hawk is another factor that can affect pricing. Female hawks tend to be more expensive than male hawks because they are larger and have stronger hunting abilities.

Finally, the age of the hawk can play a role in its overall price. Young hawks are usually cheaper than fully trained ones. However, as a hawk becomes older and more experienced, its price may increase significantly.


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