How Much Do Gym Employees Make Hourly?

December 2, 2023

There are a number of factors that can influence the hourly pay rate of fitness instructors. One of the biggest is who the employer is and where they are based. This is especially true when it comes to personal trainers, where salaries are not uniform. For example, major gyms tend to pay a lot more than smaller independent gyms.

The other big factor is the level of qualifications an individual has. A level 2 gym instructor course is essential to get started in the industry, but there are a number of further qualifications that can increase an individual's income. For example, a level 3 qualification in personal training is essential to progressing your career as a fitness professional. It is also possible to achieve further industry-related qualifications such as massage therapy and sports nutrition.

Those with the highest hourly wages are those that run their own personal training business. This is because they are not tied to the salary structure of a particular gym. The other benefit is that they can choose the clients they want to train, which gives them a much greater level of freedom than employees at large commercial gyms.

It's important to note that a personal trainer will also be subject to tax laws. This will depend on whether they are an employee of a gym or an independent contractor, and it may be necessary to consult a qualified accountant for guidance.


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