How Much Do Graveyard Workers Make an Hour?

December 31, 2023

When someone passes away, a funeral is held and the deceased is laid to rest. This is a solemn occasion that takes many different people to make happen, and those people are called cemetery workers. It is not a job that most would find attractive, but it’s one that has to be done, and for some people, it can actually be quite rewarding. There are a variety of jobs in cemeteries, including gravediggers and maintenance employees.

The gravedigger is responsible for digging the holes that coffins are placed in. Traditionally, this was done with shovels and pickaxes, but nowadays, it is usually done using excavation equipment. Gravediggers are given the coffin sizes and funeral times ahead of time, so they can dig the appropriate hole. Once the ceremony is over, they fill in the hole and prepare it as a lawn site or monument site.

Graveyard workers also perform other maintenance duties like mowing grass, trimming trees and shrubs, setting grave markers and blowing leaves. If the cemetery has a historical significance, some may even work as tour guides or historians.

To land a position as a cemetery worker, most will need at least a high school diploma or GED certificate and four to six years of related experience. Some positions require additional qualifications, like a license to operate machinery or an associate degree in a relevant field, but these are typically more advanced positions within the industry. When writing a resume for these types of jobs, candidates should highlight their ability to communicate with grieving families and other employees.


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