How Much Do Funko Pops Weigh?

December 24, 2023

Funko Pops are giant-headed, big-eyed plastic figurines that represent characters, mascots and celebrities from TV shows, video games, movies, sports and other cultures. They're wildly popular collectibles, capturing the attention of fans worldwide and reshaping the way that people express their interests and passions. The figurines also serve as a social connection for collectors, who display their Funko Pops in public spaces like offices and bedrooms to share their fandom with others.

For USC alumnus Tito Villareal, collecting Funko Pops is more than just a transactional activity. The hobby provides him with a sense of community and serves as a coping mechanism in the wake of his dog's death. When Villareal sells his extra Pops, he earns an average of $80 per item.

Regardless of the reason for buying or selling a Funko Pop, it's important to understand how much each one weighs so that you can calculate your shipping costs accurately. The weight of a Funko Pop will vary depending on the size, so it's important to check the box when buying a product to ensure you know its exact dimensions.

The most common Funko Pop sizes are Mini (up to 2 inches tall), Standard (4 inches), Super (6 to 9.75 inches) and Jumbo (10 inches). Typically, standard-sized Pops come in a box that's 3.5 x 4.5 x 6.25 inches. But if you're in the market for a Dancing Groot or Avengers Endgame Iron Man, be prepared to shell out a lot more money for these behemoths.


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