How Much Do Foster Parents Get Paid in Nevada?

October 25, 2023

During the debate over budget classifications and dollar figures at a foster care meeting in Carson City, one message came through loud and clear. “Foster parents don’t get into this for the money,” said the administrator of the Nevada Division of Child and Family Services.

To become a foster parent, you must meet the state’s minimum requirements for age and space, pass a background check and submit fingerprints, and attend training classes. In addition to a home inspection, the state will also conduct a series of interviews with the adult members of your household to ensure that you are suitable for foster parenting. This is called a home study.

Once you have been licensed, you can provide temporary housing for children who have been removed from their original homes due to a variety of reasons. You can be either a treatment level or respite foster parent. Treatment-level foster parents are required to treat a child’s emotional and behavioral problems while respite foster parents are responsible for providing temporary care for a child until a permanent placement is found.

In the state of Nevada, there are approximately 3,000 children in the foster care system. The average length of stay for these children is six months. To become a foster parent, you must complete a lengthy licensing process that includes a background check, 27 hours of training and an in-home study. Despite the lengthy process, many families say that fostering children is one of the most rewarding experiences they have had in life.


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