How Much Do Foremans Make?

October 24, 2023

A foreman is a supervisor in the construction industry. They rank above the crew members, but below engineers/managers and typically have at least 10 years of experience. It takes leadership, management, and knowledge of the trade to make it to this position. A great foreman can make up to $95,000 per year based on their location, employer and experience.

Foremans must be able to make decisions quickly when problems arise. This can include unexpected changes in site plans, equipment issues that disrupt timelines, or other situations. A foreman’s ability to make fast decisions can save time and money for a project.

Construction foremans also have to be able to communicate effectively with all of the people on the jobsite. They have to reinforce the team concept and allow employees to share grievances, challenges and successes – this helps them identify and mitigate deeper issues that can delay projects.

Another big part of the foreman’s role is to keep their supervisor updated with progress. This includes reporting setbacks, budgeting and other details about the current project. A foreman must be able to write clear, concise reports that are understandable by everyone on the crew.

If you’re interested in becoming a foreman, start by getting your journeyman license through a reputable apprenticeship program or trade school. Then gain as much experience as possible by working on a variety of projects. This will give you a solid foundation of skills and experience to build upon. It’s also helpful to let your supervisor and company know that you want to become a foreman so they can support you with training, development, and opportunities for promotion.


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