How Much Do Firefighters Make in Illinois?

October 19, 2023

A firefighter is a highly trained professional who works to protect life and property by controlling and extinguishing fires. Their duties also include emergency medical services, hazardous materials response, search and rescue, and disaster assistance. The state of Illinois has a number of cities and towns with public fire departments that are constantly looking for new recruits to join their teams. To be a firefighter in Illinois, you must meet the minimum educational and age requirements for the department you are interested in. You must also have a high school diploma or GED, and complete EMT training. Other responsibilities include completing physical fitness tests and drug screening, and passing background checks.

The average salary for a firefighter in Illinois is $48,356, which is 10% above the national average. However, the salaries in some cities and towns in the state are significantly higher than that figure. Some of the top paying cities for firefighters in the state are Chicago, Oak Lawn, and Manteno.

To become a firefighter in Illinois, you need to have several qualifications and must pass a series of rigorous tests. These tests are conducted to ensure that candidates are physically and mentally prepared for the demands of the job. You must also be a US citizen and be at least 18 years old to apply for the position. You may choose to pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree in fire science, which can help you stand out from other candidates. You can also gain experience as a volunteer firefighter to increase your chances of being hired.


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