How Much Do FBI Agents Make in Texas?

January 3, 2024

FBI agents make a good living and have some benefits that are not always available in the private sector. They have medical and dental insurance, retirement plans and paid leave. In addition, they are given the opportunity to participate in training programs and external education opportunities. FBI employees also receive bonuses and incentives for meeting performance goals.

FBI agent salaries vary greatly depending on the field they work in, their experience level and the area where they are assigned to work. The minimum requirement for becoming an FBI special agent is a bachelor’s degree, and many agents have advanced degrees in fields like criminal justice or political science. Regardless of the field they are in, FBI agents are required to undergo a thorough and rigorous application process before being accepted into the agency.

Besides their base salary, FBI agents get extra pay when they are assigned to areas with high cost of living. The percentage of this added pay depends on the state they are in, but it is not based on the city or town that they are in. For example, an FBI agent in Chicago will receive a higher percentage of their added pay than an FBI agent in Houston even though they are both located in large cities.

Aside from the locality pay, FBI agents earn availability pay that adds 25 percent to their base salary. This is a premium reserved only for law enforcement officers who are subject to long days and nights of unscheduled duty.


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