How Much Do FBI Agents Make in Georgia?

December 19, 2023

Are you interested in a career fighting crime at the national level? A position as an FBI agent may be for you. Although TV shows tend to offer an exaggerated view of the Bureau’s duties, it does perform exciting and potentially dangerous work that falls outside of what most careers can offer. The FBI is a unique law enforcement agency with specific requirements, including a rigorous screening process. This article will help you better understand what it takes to become an FBI agent, how much they make and how the agency works.

To start, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree and work full time in the field of law enforcement or a closely related area. You must also pass a series of mental and physical tests to gain admission into the program. Those who are successful will be invited to the meet-and-greet interview, where you’ll be asked questions about your experience and the FBI’s core competencies. Those who pass this interview will be admitted to Phase II of the selection process, which is a written and structured exam.

After passing this exam, you’ll be assigned to a specialized unit. This will vary depending on your chosen path and could include a variety of specialties, from cyber to violent crimes. Regardless of your specialty, all agents must be prepared to travel to other locations on short notice and relocate several times during their careers. They’ll also have to be willing to work on holidays and weekends.


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