How Much Do FBI Agents Make in Florida?

December 31, 2023

Anyone interested in becoming an FBI agent wants to know how much they will be paid. While a career at the Bureau should be taken on because of passion and dedication, it’s also important to be paid a decent salary so that you can live comfortably. FBI agents are paid on a federal pay scale known as the General Schedule (GS). Agents start at GS-10 and can improve to GS-13 over their career. Agents in supervisory roles can earn even more than that.

FBI agents are hired to protect the country from national security threats and investigate serious crimes. They do exciting and dangerous work, so it’s no surprise that salaries are competitive with other law enforcement jobs. Agents work full-time and have a regular 40 hour per week work schedule. But they often work overtime because of the urgency of their assignments.

If you want to be an FBI agent, it’s important to have the right qualifications and experience. The Bureau is looking for applicants who can deal with adversity and keep their head in chaotic situations. The Bureau prefers applicants who have some type of expertise or education in specific areas, such as foreign languages, computers, accounting, and law.

In Florida, the average FBI Agent salary is $54,415. But some cities offer higher salaries for this job. We’ve listed the top 10 cities in Florida where FBI Agents earn above the state average. The highest paying city is Boca Raton, followed by West Palm Beach and Coconut Creek.


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