How Much Do EMTs Make in Florida?

November 17, 2023

You’ve seen them on the news or in a movie – the uniformed emergency medical personnel who respond to medical and traumatic emergencies. These individuals are EMTs or paramedics and work in a variety of settings, including ground ambulances, helicopters, hospital emergency departments, and fire departments. Many work full time, but some are volunteers.

There are different levels of EMS personnel, but most people are familiar with the EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) level. This is considered the entry-level position, and it involves basic life support, such as administering oxygen, checking vital signs, and delivering a baby via Cesarean section. Some states require a high school diploma or GED certificate, CPR certification, and an EMT course. The course is typically less than a year and requires a certain number of hours of clinical rotations in hospitals.

After a person completes an EMT course, he or she can apply to be licensed. Licensing is a legal process, while certification is generally handled by a private organization. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists EMTs as “first responders,” meaning they work with other rescue workers, such as firefighters and police officers, to assist in situations that include natural disasters, vehicle accidents, and other emergencies.

If a rescue EMT wants to become more involved in the field, he or she can pursue additional training to become an advanced emergency medical technician (EMT-intermediate). These professionals perform more in the field, such as administering IV fluids and some medications.


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