How Much Do Electrical Inspectors Make?

December 16, 2023

Electrical inspectors are the people who make sure that your home or business's wiring is up to code and free from dangerous or life-threatening problems. They can identify issues that may be putting your safety at risk and help you correct them before they become major problems like fires, explosions, or costly repairs.

While the salary of an AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) can ebb and flow based on the economic climate of your region, most say that they love their job because it's challenging and interesting. Many have been in the field for decades, with several reporting more than two decades of experience as electricians or contractors before becoming an inspector.

Getting your electrical system inspected regularly can save you money in the long run. An inspector can spot inefficient systems that waste energy and raise your electric bills, helping you to lower them by making improvements to your equipment or installing more efficient options. It can also identify areas that have become faulty and need to be fixed immediately, saving you the cost of expensive repairs or replacements down the road.

During an electrical inspection, your inspector will look at every aspect of the wiring in your building or home. He or she will look for things like proper lengths and sheathing, the right gauge of wire for each circuit, and GFCI outlets in areas that require them, such as near kitchen sinks and hot tubs. They'll also check for fuses, breakers, and other equipment.


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