How Much Do Dunks Weigh?

October 19, 2023

Dunking is one of the most impressive feats in basketball. Not only does it require a high jump, but it also requires fast hands to grasp the ball and maneuver it in the air as you fly toward the basket. Many people are intimidated by dunking because they believe that they need to be taller to perform the move, but this is not always the case. By building the necessary strength and skill, even shorter people can master this famous basketball move.

To improve your jumping ability, focus on training exercises that concentrate on raising your vertical. Work on depth jumps, box jumps and jumping squats to increase your power. In addition, focus on strengthening your core. A strong core helps to stabilize your body during takeoff and landing, allowing you to generate maximum force when you jump.

Another factor that plays a role in your jumping height is the speed at which you run. All great jumpers are also fast runners, and the faster you run, the higher you will jump.

Practicing your approach and ball-handling is essential to your success when dunking. Start with a tennis ball and then work your way up to the basketball, until you are confident that you can grab the rim and slam it against it. Then practice aiming for the backboard, and be sure to test your ability to shatter it, raining shards of razor sharp glass down on your defeated opponents.


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