How Much Do Driveaway Drivers Make?

November 3, 2023

Driveaway drivers are transportation professionals who transport cars, trucks and other vehicles from one location to another. More advanced jobs may involve transporting specialized vehicles like tankers, waste trucks or utility vehicles. Driveaway drivers work as independent contractors and can find jobs on a variety of load boards and with several different companies. This makes driveaway driving an excellent career choice for truck drivers who want to spend time with family and don't want the intense workload of a full-time OTR driver.

How much do driveaway drivers make depends on many factors, including route and company. Local drivers typically make less than OTR drivers because they are home every day, whereas regional drivers often spend longer stretches away from home on a weekly basis. The type of trailer a driver uses also has a big impact on their paycheck, with dry van drivers making less than reefer truckers and flatbed drivers.

If you're interested in becoming a driveaway driver, start by finding a reputable company. Bennett, for example, offers nationwide opportunities on their load board and pays drivers 65% linehaul. They also offer trip advances to ensure that drivers have money in their pockets.

Once you've found a company to work with, contact your dispatcher to see if there are any available loads. Most loads are first come, first served, and they're updated throughout the day. Once you're signed up for a load, it's your responsibility to get the vehicle from pick-up to drop off, and you will be responsible for fuel costs while transporting the load.


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