How Much Do Dog Behaviorists Cost?

January 7, 2024

Dog behaviorists are a rare breed of trainer that focus on addressing pet behaviors like aggression and anxiety. These professionals have specialized knowledge in animal learning and behavior, and use scientifically proven tools to modify unwanted behaviors. While these experts can be beneficial for solving problematic behaviors, they’re certainly not cheap. So, how much do dog behaviorists cost?

While each situation is unique, the average cost of dog behaviorist services can range between $50 to $200 per session. Additionally, follow-up sessions may be required to ensure that the positive behavioral changes continue to take hold. These sessions can be less costly but may still require a significant time commitment.

The type of service required will also play a role in how much a dog behaviorist charges. For example, if the behavior problem is serious, a more intensive approach may be necessary. This could include one-on-one sessions, and possibly a board and train program in which the dog would stay at the trainer’s home or facility for a few weeks to receive daily training sessions.

Additionally, many people who hire a dog behaviorist will also purchase training materials and tools to help address the specific issue. These additional expenses can increase the total cost of the services, and may be necessary in some cases. Lastly, it’s worth noting that some pet insurance policies may cover part or all of the costs of seeing a dog behaviorist. This can be a great option for those who are struggling to afford the services of a dog behaviorist.


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