How Much Do Diesel Mechanics Make in Texas?

October 17, 2023

A career as a diesel mechanic can provide an excellent professional and personal experience for individuals seeking to enter a field with strong job security. Diesel engines power many types of vehicles including buses and other public transportation systems, large trucks used for commercial transporting and powering facilities that do not connect to the national electricity grid, as well as small diesel engines that run everything from chainsaws to portable refrigerators.

To become a diesel mechanic, one must fulfill the basic educational requirements of the state of Texas, which include a high school diploma or GED certificate. However, it is also recommended that interested individuals attend a formal diesel repair program in order to gain the technical skills required to be successful as a diesel mechanic. These programs offer students a chance to learn from some of the best diesel technicians in the industry, and can often be taken as a part-time course, allowing for students with busy schedules to attend classes on their own terms.

The most important factor that can influence a diesel technician’s salary is their level of experience in the field. Those with advanced skill sets, such as lead or master technicians at companies like Schneider, can command higher salaries than entry-level diesel mechanics do. Likewise, those who have completed a post-secondary program are often given the highest starting pay rate of any diesel mechanics at their workplace. In addition, some employers also provide benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans to diesel mechanics as a way to show their commitment to their employees.


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