How Much Do Dental Assistants Make in Tennessee?

December 12, 2023

Dental assistants work in a unique position where they can make good money and enjoy a flexible schedule. While the salary for a dental assistant can vary by geographic location and cost of living, level of experience, specialization and type of practice all play a role in determining their pay.

A new dental assistant may only earn around $19 per hour, but this can increase significantly as they gain experience and expand their responsibilities. Similarly, some RDAs who are bilingual and have extensive knowledge of advanced technology can also see their annual salaries increased significantly.

One of the easiest ways to boost your earnings as a dental assistant is by asking for a raise. However, it is important to be prepared for this conversation. Make sure that you are able to articulate how your work has improved the quality of care at the practice, and that you can cite specific examples of your successes. Alternatively, you could look into relocating to a city that offers higher average salaries for dental assistants.

Below, we have listed 10 cities in Tennessee where the typical Expanded Duties Dental Assistant salary is above the state average. We have taken into account the cost of living in each area to calculate the average salary for this job. For more information on how much you can expect to make in these locations, click the name of the city. For example, you can view the average dental assistant salary in Memphis, which is above the state average.


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