How Much Do Dental Assistants Make in Ohio?

October 31, 2023

Whether you’re new to the dental assistant field and just starting your career, or an experienced DA who wants to make sure they are getting paid what they deserve, it is important to know how much the profession pays. While the DA national median salary reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $44,980 per year, individual salaries can vary greatly depending on your location, years of experience, job duties, and employer.

As a general rule, more experienced assistants will earn more than less-experienced ones. This is because employers are willing to pay their more-seasoned employees higher salaries than they would otherwise due to the fact that they are efficient, require fewer hands-on guidance and training, and have proven their value as members of the team. Additionally, DAs with specialized certifications, such as orthodontic assisting or infection control, may earn more than their non-certified counterparts.

Another way to increase your earnings is by taking on more responsibilities and duties. By taking initiative and helping to improve the dentists’ job, you can show that you are valuable to the practice and be more confident asking for a raise.

If you are looking for a place to work as a Dental Assistant, we recommend checking out our list of 10 cities where the average salary is above the state of Ohio. By doing so, you can make sure that your yearly salary is high enough to support your lifestyle. If not, you can always find ways to boost your income and get closer to the optimum level.


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