How Much Do Demolition Workers Make?

November 11, 2023

Demolition workers tear down anything from buildings to bridges to factories. This is dangerous work involving explosives and heavy machinery sending bits of hard, sharp debris flying through the air. They can work for general construction companies, wrecking and blasting contractors, or they can be self-employed and run their own demolition business. They can also work for a government agency like the military or fire department.

Usually, they earn a high school diploma and get on-the-job training. They learn how to operate the equipment and safety rules of the industry. They plan demolitions and make sure that there are no other structures affected by the one they are working on. They also remove and transport the debris and other waste material after the building is destroyed.

The job involves a lot of physical strength and stamina because you spend most of the time on your feet. Attention to detail and the ability to work well under pressure are other important qualifications. Besides these, a high level of problem-solving skills is needed to ensure that everything goes smoothly during the demolition process.

Professional demolition contractors have the required expertise, knowledge, and tools to complete the task safely and quickly. They can even recycle the materials from the demolished structure to reduce landfill waste. In addition, they know how to take care of the contaminated materials like lead pipes and asbestos so that they do not harm anyone else. They can also help you avoid legal repercussions by following all the relevant health and safety regulations.


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