How Much Do Dealership Mechanics Make?

November 22, 2023

Dealership mechanics work in a variety of settings that require automotive maintenance. Whether they work for a dealer, private garage or other automotive shop, they typically have the same basic responsibilities. Some states offer a higher salary than others for auto mechanics, and the industry can have a wide range of salaries depending on factors like location and specialization.

For a mechanic, dealerships can offer a range of perks that can make it a desirable place to work. These include discounts on new cars, first dibs on used cars and free car washes. These can be great benefits to a mechanic looking for a job in an industry where the average pay is lower than other occupations.

However, the perks can sometimes be outweighed by the negatives of working in a dealership. For example, dealership salespeople have a reputation for being liars. Often, customers will allow their salespeople to say anything they want in an effort to buy a vehicle. This can lead to frustration for the salesperson when a customer doesn’t follow through on their promise.

In addition, dealerships may have to pay more for the parts and services they provide than independent mechanics. This is because of the overhead and operating costs involved with running a dealership compared to a local repair shop. This can also mean the dealership needs to charge more for labor rates than a private shop would.

Additionally, the dealerships may not be able to offer as many employee benefits as private garages. For example, a private garage might offer a better health insurance plan for mechanics or other auto employees.


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