How Much Do CycleBar Instructors Make?

December 14, 2023

When the spin (or indoor cycling) craze hit in the 1990s and 2000s, it was a great way to burn a lot of calories with low-impact exercise. Now, it’s a workout that over ten million people — that’s about 10% of all Americans — love to do. And they’re doing it in CycleBar studios, where they ride alongside instructors who energize them and provide encouragement during their heart-pumping, mind-blowing class. If you’re one of those ten million, you might be wondering: How much do cyclebar instructors make?

CycleBar instructors are paid a base salary, plus commissions for every class they lead. But the exact amount an instructor makes depends on several factors, including how many classes they teach each week and their level of experience. New instructors are often paired with a master instructor for training, which can take up to a week. After that, they’re expected to be able to lead a class with confidence and passion.

Some high-profile instructors can also earn money from sponsorships and ads on their social media, which can boost their overall earnings. For example, Cody Rigsby, Peloton’s cycling director, has a massive following on Instagram and serves as a talent scout for the company alongside his role as an instructor.

If you’re interested in becoming a CycleBar instructor, it can help to be a regular at your local studio and get to know the current instructors. That doesn’t mean you should befriend them purely to land a job, but it might help your chances of getting an interview if you show that you’re serious about becoming a trainer and know the instructors already there.


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