How Much Do CNAs Make in Wisconsin?

December 8, 2023

CNAs are the backbone of any hospital, nursing home, or healthcare facility. They do everything from monitoring a patient’s blood pressure to helping them eat, bathe, and dress. In addition, they often become friends with their patients, and sometimes even family members. Therefore, it is no surprise that they receive a fair salary for their important work.

The state of Wisconsin requires all Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) to pass the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Examination. This exam consists of two parts, a written test and a clinical skills test. If you want to start a career as a CNA, there are plenty of training programs in the state. These are offered by colleges, technical schools, and some nursing homes. Once you have successfully completed the training and passed the exam, you will be placed on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry.

You will have to renew your CNA license in Wisconsin every 24 months. To do so, you will have to complete 120 training hours and demonstrate your competence in a clinical setting. You can also get your renewal application online from the Wisconsin Department of Health.

The average CNA salary in Wisconsin varies by city. For example, a CNA working in home health makes more than one that works within a nursing home owned by a private company. The difference in salaries is due to the different employer’s financial capability and the responsibilities of the CNAs in each job.


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