How Much Do CNAs Make in Michigan?

January 4, 2024

CNAs work in various health care facilities, including hospitals and long-term care, such as nursing homes. They also work in clinics, home health agencies and doctors’ offices. They are the link between patients and nurses, relaying information back and forth. The job can be physically and emotionally challenging, but it can also be gratifying to know that you’re helping someone.

In Michigan, CNAs make a salary above the state average. The 10 cities that offer the most pay for a CNA include Lansing, Chelsea and Holland. These cities all beat the state’s average by at least 11%.

The average salary for a CNA in Michigan is $24,700. However, the exact amount a CNA makes depends on a variety of factors, such as their experience level and employer. Some CNAs are able to supplement their base salary with overtime, which is typically paid on an hourly basis.

CNAs can also earn additional income by earning specialty certifications. These credentials can help them stand out in the field of healthcare and earn higher wages. Those who are looking to move up the career ladder can even transition into other healthcare roles, such as becoming a radiation therapist, which has an average salary of $82,800. For more information, please see our article on How Much Do Radiation Therapists Make?.


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