How Much Do Cargo Van Owner Operators Make Per Mile?

January 9, 2024

Cargo vans provide more storage space than a standard truck or car, and they offer the option of customizing the interior to meet your needs. You can add seating for six, four or none at all and a variety of shelving units. There’s even a choice of floor materials to help your cargo stay in place and protect it from damage. You can also choose to add exterior roof racks, different windows, an awning, bigger tires and more.

Many types of businesses rely on cargo vans to transport small loads. For example, e-commerce companies use them to complete last-mile deliveries. Restaurants and catering businesses might require temperature-controlled vans for perishable loads. Small manufacturers often need transport contracts to move products from their manufacturing sites to wholesalers or retailers.

As a result, there are numerous jobs available for drivers with cargo vans. You can work as a company driver who gets paid based on a set rate for each load, or you can be an owner-operator and negotiate your own rates. The pay you earn depends on the number of loads you make and the cost of each load, including your fixed expenses.

Before you take on any new cargo van contract, it’s important to calculate how much it will cost you to run the vehicle. You can do this by using a free income estimate calculator. It will help you itemize your forecasted costs and arrive at a cost-per-mile metric to better determine whether or not the contract makes financial sense for you.


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