How Much Do Caregivers Make an Hour in Arizona?

February 28, 2024

When it comes to hiring a caregiver for a loved one, finding out how much they make is a major factor. You want to ensure you are paying the right rate and that your loved one is getting a high level of care. Caregiver rates vary based on multiple factors, including experience, number of hours per day/week, and what type of care is being provided.

The best way to determine a good rate for caregivers is to speak with several agencies and ask what their rates are. Keep in mind that the agency will take a cut of what you are paid so be sure to account for this when deciding on an hourly rate. In addition, it’s important to consider any additional responsibilities that may be required for the job such as providing transportation or completing home repairs.

Another factor that can affect caregiver pay is whether you work directly for the patient or a family or if you are a part of an Arizona caregiver program. The PCAFC program, for example, offers a stipend to family caregivers who provide in-home assistance to veterans with serious injuries or illnesses. The self directed attendant care waiver also pays family members who are caring for a disabled or elderly person. To qualify, the individual must go through an evaluation to determine their need for in-home care and follow specific procedures to become “employed” by an agency responsible for documenting and verifying the number of billable hours.


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