How Much Do Bull Riders Make?

April 8, 2023

How Much Do Bull Riders Make?

Professional bull riders are a unique group of athletes who compete for prize money in rodeos. They are able to tame bulls that weigh as much as 2000 pounds. They also use special equipment that allows them to score points during the competition.

They wear protective gear including cowboy hats, gloves, and boots that are designed to keep them safe from the rope burn they can suffer if they snag the animal’s hide. They also wear loosely locked spurs to help them keep their balance on the animal.

These athletes are required to earn a score from the judges during every event. Their goal is to get the bull to buck, but they must also maintain control throughout the ride.

The most successful bull riders earn large sums of money during competition, with their earnings varying significantly depending on the amount of talent and popularity they have in the sport. In addition, they often have brand partnerships that can increase their pay.

How to Become a Bull Rider

To become a bull rider, you must first join the Professional Bull Rider Association (PBR). PBR membership costs $520 per year and is valid until October 31 of each year.

You can then begin competing in small rodeos. It’s a great way to learn the sport and gain experience before entering larger competitions.

It’s important to know that bull riding is a challenging career that can involve serious injuries and wounds. This is one of the most dangerous sports and a high percentage of bull riders will experience some form of injury at some point in their career.


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