How Much Do Boxing Trainers Make?

December 12, 2023

A boxing trainer, also known as a physical trainer, coaches aspiring athletes to get into the ring and learn the art of fighting. They typically need a minimum of a diploma in sports science or coaching and must be skilled in the use of various boxing techniques and strategies.

The career path of a boxing coach can vary greatly depending on their specific role and the organization they work for. Some trainers may be hired as part of a club, gym or other professional team, while others choose to become freelancers and run their own training facilities. Those that are employed in boxing clubs and gyms often need to set up membership packages, manage training sessions and have the ability to adapt their teachings for each individual student or athlete.

Those that work on a freelance basis often have more freedom to set their rates, and this can vary dramatically from one trainer to the next. The cheapest trainers will offer their services for almost pennies, while the most experienced ones can charge a small fortune.

The average salary for a boxing trainer is $79,005 per year. However, there are several ways in which a trainer can increase their earning potential, including changing their employer or level of education. Additionally, gaining managerial experience by overseeing other junior boxing coaches can significantly boost your income.


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