How Much Do Black Silicone Babies Cost?

March 22, 2024

Reborn dolls, also known as silicone baby dolls are used to cure depression in mothers who lost their babies or who can’t have a child due to hormonal imbalances. These dolls help them divert their attention and maternal love towards the doll, they can even play with it like a real baby to feel a sense of joy.

The sculpting process that is involved in making these dolls is very detailed and intricate, they are made up of 3/4 light touch vinyl. This doll is weighted and feels just like a real baby in your arms, the head, body and legs are fully poseable.

The baby’s skin is soft to the touch and has a lifelike appearance, she also has natural hair that can be brushed and styled as desired. This baby is so adorable, she has a beautiful complexion and her eyes have the most innocent dark color, she has rosy cheeks and a cute little smile that will melt your heart. This doll is one of the most popular reborn dolls on the market.

Besides being a toy, this doll can also be a therapeutic tool for people with autism -a developmental disability that affects social skills- and dementia -a chronic disease of the brain-, they can use this doll to step out of their comfort zones, reminisce about their childhood and have fun. These lifelike dolls can also encourage new mothers to learn about their newborn baby and practice their skills and arts of nurturing them. In addition, these dolls are a great way to relieve stress and anxiety.


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