How Much Do Benihana Chefs Make?

November 19, 2023

Few restaurants offer a dining experience more entertaining than Benihana, where shrimp flip through the air and onion volcanoes spout steam as chefs entertain guests with their culinary artistry right before your eyes. These skilled teppanyaki chefs are more than cooks; they’re showmen with a flair for the theatrical who make the restaurant chain’s dining experiences unforgettable.

But how much do benihana chefs make? In addition to their base salary, Benihana chefs also receive tips and performance bonuses that can significantly boost their income. The amount of tips and bonus they receive depends on factors such as their level of customer satisfaction, the number of diners, and their location. For example, a chef in a busy city with a high cost of living may earn more generous tips than a chef in a smaller town.

While the average Benihana chef’s salary is below the national average, there are cities where it is significantly higher. San Buenaventura, CA tops the list with a salary above the national average, followed by Berkeley, CA and Renton, WA. For chefs who want to advance their career, moving to one of these cities could provide a substantial financial boost.

For those who are interested in pursuing a career as a teppanyaki chef, the pay is competitive with other fast-food restaurant jobs and it’s an excellent way to hone cooking skills. The job isn’t for everyone, however. The work is hard, and there’s a lot of pressure to perform well. It’s not uncommon for teppan chefs to have an occasional bad shift, and even the most talented chefs can sometimes get tired of flipping shrimp and banging spatulas on hot grills day in and day out.


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