How Much Do AV Techs Make?

December 16, 2023

If you’re wondering, “how much do av techs make,” the good news is that there’s ample opportunity to earn a solid salary as an audiovisual technician. That’s because AV techs don’t need a raft of previous experience, hefty certifications, or specialized degrees to begin their career in this industry.

AV technicians set up media equipment such as LCD projectors, speakers, and TVs. They also complete electrical wiring, programming, and basic construction as part of their job duties. They often set up additional support AV tools such as equipment racks and complete room arrangements based on blueprints, layout diagrams, and schedules.

Many AV techs have customer service and troubleshooting skills as well, so they can provide assistance when equipment doesn’t function correctly. They also test the performance of all equipment and devices to ensure that they are running smoothly. They may be called upon to assist with the training of AV staff and employees.

As the Work From Anywhere movement continues to gain popularity, audiovisual equipment becomes increasingly vital to many businesses. This means that AV technicians are in high demand for their technical expertise.

For those who want to enter this field, the best way to do so is by seeking out on-the-job training opportunities. Local community theaters and public access television programs are often receptive to offering this type of training. In addition, trade organizations like AVIXA offer certifications for AV technicians in various subject areas. Completing these certifications can help you stand out to hiring companies and improve your chances of employment in this industry.


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